April 13, 2015

New in: From gold to silver`

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Those who used to follow my adventures know I am passionate about everything sparkly and gold.... Lately however, I have been running into silver treasures that warm my heart. Might this be the time my taste changes? Nah... I do not think so.... I just think my taste expanded.... Oh lordy my dear wallet! Anyways, here are some of my new trinkets <3
From left to right: thrifted ruby cutie, antique shop cameo and two semi-precious market finds 

AMAZING locket I found at an antique shop, great detailing AND it fits up to three breath mints <3

April 8, 2015

Outfits&trips: Paaspop 2015

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After a great festival year in 2014, we hit off this year's season with Paaspop 2015. It turned out to be an overwhelming succes..... AND a hell of a lot of fun! Go check out pictures from our traveling circus now!

 <3 With love from the talented Madame de Pompadour & La-gorgeousness-Fee-Verte <3

Find more of these delicious 2015 Iphone snapshots HERE

And see last year's pictures HERE

January 23, 2015

PARTY: Penny Dreadful - Halloween 2014

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FINALLY I GOT A NEW LAPTOP <3 Yiihaaaaaaaah!!!! <3 Oh my have I missed blogging or what... dearest dears... I have been through quite a lot over the last few months. I am very sorry to say I am of now no longer married and will be facing life as a single vintage lady. Without going into too much detail or getting too personal, you may understand fixing a new computer and writing blogs have not been my main priorities. But I sincerely hope to get more time to do make new pictures for you loves, as I will enter my new appartement this February. Please do stick with me darlings!
Anyways, without further delay (it has already been MONTHS ago) here are the pictures from the Penny Dreadful inspired Halloween FEAST Madame de Pompadour and I hosted last year. And even though it is not even spring yet... looking at these images already get the creative juices flowing for this year's Hallo.....